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Showing clear information at strategic decision points is important to guide people in the right direction.

"Wayfinding" is the function to inform and direct people around the surroundings of an often unfamiliar built environment.

Ensuring people arrive at a destination easily and efficiently is an essential part of the customer journey and representation of a brand. 

Understanding the built environment is critical to the success of any wayfinding system. We have worked closely with many architects over the years to delivery some prestigious projects.​

A signage system should be an extension to the brand identity of the destination; whether a hotel, shopping mall or mixed use development.

We design signage families consistent with the brand's values and identity, as well as implementing easy to navigate wayfinding strategies.

We Design:

  • Directional Signage

  • Identification Signage

  • Information Signage & Maps

  • Statutory Warning Signage

Our Signage Services:

  • Wayfinding Strategy Reports

  • Complete Signage System Design

  • Details Drawings for Production

  • Supervision of Production

  • Supervision of Implementation

Other Services:

Marketing Communications

Identity Development

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